The Million Dollar Question.

Where is your gun? Recalling a random location is impossible in a panic situation. Placing Gun Dock ® in a familiar location allows immediate recall.
The Six-Second Rule

Statistics prove that you have six seconds to find your weapon in an emergency situation like a home invasion. Six seconds is all you have to protect you, your family and your property.
Immediate Access

Unlike a holster or drawer where your gun can shift or be moved, Gun Dock’s ® patented design keeps your weapon stationary. When you know where your weapon is, and it’s orientation has not changed, you are better prepared to deploy in an emergency.
A Simple Solution

Gun Dock ® provides handgun storage and rapid access that traditional holsters don’t. Securely mount yours anywhere there is a nearly flat surface and rest easy that your handgun will be in a familiar, stationary location, with an orientation that is most comfortable for you.
Universal and Adaptable

– Fits most handguns: Colts, Glocks, Sigs, S&W
– Fits most Automatics and Revolvers
– Promotes handgun safety and accessibility
– Mounts to almost any surface
– Oil and water resistant