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Lifetime and Performance Warranty

The Million Dollar Question.

Where is your gun? Recalling a random location is impossible in a panic situation. Placing Gun Dock® in a familiar location allows immediate recall.

The Six-Second Rule

Statistics prove that you have six seconds to find your weapon in an emergency situation like a home invasion. Six seconds is all you have to protect you, your family and your property.

Immediate Access

Unlike a holster or drawer where your gun can shift or be moved, Gun Dock's® patented design keeps your weapon stationary. When you know where your weapon is, and it's orientation has not changed, you are better prepared to deploy in an emergency.

Check out some of the creative ways our customers have mounted  Gun Dock®.  Anywhere you need protection, start with Gun Dock®.

A Simple Solution

Gun Dock® provides handgun storage and rapid access that traditional holsters don’t. Securely mount yours anywhere there is a nearly flat surface and rest easy that your handgun will be in a familiar, stationary location, with an orientation that is most comfortable for you.

Universal and Adaptable

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Lifetime Workmanship Warranty:

Gun Dock® offers a lifetime warranty against product breakage.

Performance Guarantee:

Should Gun Dock® not perform to your expectations after mounting, return the product for a full refund.


“I really appreciate that now I know exactly where my pistol is for ready access and where to reach for it to secure it when my nephews come over for a visit. Thank you Gun Dock, for a great product! MC, Arizona


Gun Dock® is a handgun storage device that mounts to any flat surface. Mount it in a familiar place for immediate recall.

Million Dollar Question: Where's Your Gun? GunDock ® Druggie is on the loose! Is your home or business the next target? Every 1.3 minutes an American citizen uses a firearm in self-defense against a criminal. 91.7% of violent crime does not make it into the news. Victims age 60 and older make up 17% of home invasion victims. 38% of all reported assults and 60% of all reported rapes occur during home invasions. 47% of home break-ins will produce physical injuries to homeowners!

Warning Gun Owners: Gun Dock® is not a safety storage device. It is the responsibility of the gun owner to insure that all handguns are stored safely.